Pyramids of Chi

Small Baby Flute

Rp 800.000

Size: 7-10 cm

This is a perfect starter flute and easy to travel with.

Unlike the more sophisticated flutes -and as would be expected when placing it among the traditional flutes- they are made in one piece (not by head, foot, body components, etc.) from tree branches and milled lumber and have holes for the player to put their fingers on. Also, they are relatively easy to play, as their embouchure has no complexities.

Blow into the mouth hole of the flute, and the note will sound.

Product Details

Size: 7-10 cm

Care Instructions
About the Brand

Enjoy the ethereal sounds created at the Pyramids of Chi wherever you go. Our beloved sound healing practitioner, Hari, has crafted custom flutes that are available in our store.

Hary specializes in other-worldly flute playing during our Ancient Sound journeys and he ensures every flute offered at Pyramids of Chi is of the highest quality and resonance.

All Flutes come with their own travel bag.

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