Aum Rudraksha

String Of Light Spirit Necklace

Rp 2.915.000


Awaken the recognition of the divine spirit within yourself and others with this piece. All three gemstones are a conduit to higher consciousness, fostering spiritual insight and inner wisdom - a powerful talisman, reminding the wearer of the interconnectedness that binds us all. Let it guide you to acknowledge the universal divinity residing within each soul. Just as we all originated from one universe, we shall return as one, connected by the timeless thread of our shared cosmic essence.
Product Details

4mm Rudraksha
4mm F Amethyst
4mm F Lavender
4mm F Crystal Quartz
24k Gold Plated Ornament

Sizing Guide

42cm in length

Care Instructions

Your Mala is your sacral object. Treat it with love, kindness and care, as Rudraksha and gemstones can crack with force, particularly stones that have natural fracture lines.

As Rudraksha beads are believed to absorb and store energy, it is occasionally recommended to cleanse your Mala. Its colour will naturally change with time, getting darker.

You can wash your Mala with warm water and massage the Rudraksha beads gently with natural oil as coconut or almond in order to nourish them.

About the Brand

In the beginning was the word Aum, and the universe arose from it. In its essence, Aum represents the sound of divinity in all things past, present and future. Aum is the beginning, it is the middle, and it is the end. Aum is the root of everything that exist, and the continuity to hold it all together. Embodying the totality of what we see, feel, hear and all that is hidden.

Chanting Aum can Cleanse and heal the whole system with its resonance and will open the ocean of love within your self. It brings peace, clarity of mind and a quieter mental state. The combination of aum and rudraksha beads is an incredibly powerful asset on your path to awakening the divine within. We believe in creating a world where we are mindful of each other and our planet, thus generating a pure and beautiful world based on Love and Harmony.

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